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Several of you have posted some thoughts on how graduates should count as a metric for mentors (and probably others).  I think we need to develop this idea a bit more, so I’m starting a new “category” – graduates.  Please put your ideas for “how” and “if” graduates should count as a metric.

MAC brought up a good point that many mentors are at different stages of the student life cycle and therefore have varied numbers of graduates.  So, how would we measure it fairly?  As it stands now, only those mentors with large numbers of graduates are penalized, while those mentors with fewer graduates are not yet penalized.  I know this sounds backwards, but if a mentor graduates a large number of students in a short period of time, their OTP is significantly impacted.  Maybe “scaredatwgu” can provide an example or further clarification of the size of the impact.

What about graduates being a team measure?  How would you feel having a team metric on your monthly scorecard?

Graduation is the ultimate success, so I can’t fathom not including it.  What does everyone else think?