What I want….

I must say that I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.  You’ve given me so much to think about.  As of today, just one week shy of starting this endeavor, this is where I stand…

*  WGU offers one of the best distance learning programs for working adults.

* WGU employees are some of the most passionate advocates for distance education and adult students, that I have ever met.

* WGU has the potential to be a really great place to work, but is has some hard work ahead to get there.

* WGU is growing so fast they’re unable to keep up with some of the changes in structure and strategy that are necessary.  It’s getting harder and harder to keep up folks!  Can’t you see this??  We can’t do a query of our own students??  We have to tally by hand the number of courses that use a specific learning resource??  The foundation MUST be in place before we can move forward.

* WGU needs to be the innovator they claim to be and establish financial aid policies that hold students accountable.  Anything less than this lets down the distance education community, the taxpayers, and WGU employees.

* WGU needs to listen, really listen, to the concerns of their employees.  Instituting a new metric that changes employees from top performers to bottom performers within 6 months is a problem.  It’s bad for morale and just plain bad policy.  The employees did not change, just the metric changed.

Thanks for letting me have a say.  I appreciate your support.


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  1. Posted by Justus on January 30, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I recall the meeting where the new metric was instituted. We were specifically told that it would not be measured in any way until July. Still, near the end of Feb. to July doesn’t even give all of our students a chance to end a term. How shocking it was to find out they’ve been monitoring that metric since April 2011. Barely more than month since it was instigated. So, the 1/12 of our students that had a term end had a couple of weeks to meet this? And it already counted against us. How does that even make sense?

    Holding excellent employees responsible for a metric they’ve never even heard of is a huge error, a morale buster, and absolutely wrong and way you slice it. Of course if you do tell the management what you think, you can start looking for a new job!

    Why hire such excellent, smart, well educated employees and think you can pull stuff like this without notice?

    They REALLY don’t think we know what’s going on!


  2. Posted by MAC on February 3, 2012 at 5:38 am

    I was in a meeting discussing KPIs today and the research shows that OTP drops in line with the length of time that a mentor has been with WGU. What was interesting was there was only discussion of the top and bottom 20% and no discussion of how the metrics compare in the mid 60%. Might be good to know…


  3. Posted by Justus on February 8, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    This doesn’t fit in to this category, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place to comment. The Coaching training and certification was a great idea. Does anyone feel left out because they weren’t chosen? Is it fair to compare metrics with people who have and who have NOT received this training?

    And is nepotism alive and well at WGU? Of the limited spots available Mitsu’s husband got one. What do you think?


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